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What are ways to Simplify the Conference Room Experience?

Leveraging Smart Technology

Columbia, SC - The truth is, there are a LOT of new technologies in the market aimed at the hybrid, collaboration, meeting enviornment with the goal to bring both remote and in-office workers together.  This is a good thing.  With competition, comes innovation and improvement.  The industry has seen many traditional vendors like Crestron, Cisco, and Poly introduce new technologies as well as newcomers showcase some impressive tech.  With so many technologies to choose from, how do you determine which is the best for your enviornment?

We, at Advanced Video Group, feel you start with determining what are your basic business needs?  Some simple questions to consider beginning with:

  - Is this space for office staff only or a combination of guests as well?

  - Do users bring laptops into the room?

  - Do users need to join web conference meetings (Zoom, Teams, WebEx)?

  - Are interactivity or touch functions needed?

Once you have determined your needs, the next step is the most critical.  Work with a design engineer to to determine the solution that will deliver premium reliability and ease of use. This is easier said than done.  Our team has spent countless days over the past 2+ years testing, evaluating, and implementing multiple platforms to determine the Best of the Best in different room enviornments.

There are technologies that thrive in the Huddle space, but perform poorly in the Large Boardroom.  Utilizing the right technology, for the right enviornment, is much more than Google searching "best conference room AV system," but pairing the correct technology with the client's business needs.  Vetting the technologies in a Lab enviornment allows us to design and specify with ease.

By simplifying the design, choosing market leading products compatible with multiple conferencing platforms, and eliminating failure points; correlates to high reliability and ease of use.  We would love to help you on your next project!


Mission Statement:  To better the lives of those around us by engineering, providing, and supporting state-of-the-art communication solutions created for reliability and ease of use.

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