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Case Study: Data Center Control Room

Simplicity and Reliability is Key

Columbia, SC -  A corportate entity approached the team at AVG with a need to provide a video monitoring solution in a 24/7 space that would be easy-to-use and extremely reliable.  The client would be monitoring Network security applications and system downtime meant vulnerability.  The Design team at AVG compiled a solution based upon proven technologies with industry leading manufacturers.


The Challenge 

The Facility wanted an engaging video solution visible from the entire Control Room floor capable of being controlled from any of the (24) operator workstations.  The operators needed the capability of displaying their individual PC content on the video wall as well.  The video layouts on the wall needed to be dynamic and easily changed/configured.

The major technical challenge that was presented to the Engineering and Design team was the ability to control the (3) Rack-mounted PCs from any of the (24) workstations.  Each PC had a quad output video card capable of displaying (4) discrete video outputs.

The logisitics challenge was constructing a large video wall when the existing structure had already been finished and completed without power, blocking, or conduit raceways.


The Solution

A video wall was constructed in a 2-Row x 6-Column configuration using (12) Planar 55" Clarity Matrix LED Displays.  Using Planar's Quad Controllers, the video wall can be configured in a number of unique preset layouts.  All video and control signals are carried over single CAT6 cables directly to the displays.  Power is also carried directly from the Rack to the Displays without the need for any power receptacles behind the video wall.  The displays were chosen for a number of reasons: Clarity was critical when dealing with the detailed database sources. Brightness was important so that content can be viewed in an enviornment where high ambient lighting was present.  The Redundant Power Supplies powering the displays help to alleviate the concern of a video wall failure and downtime.

In order to send video from any of the potential (40) video sources to the video wall, a Crestron DigitalMedia matrix switch was specified.  The card based product allows for system growth and scalability.  Crestron also provides the Control Platform through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.  A 10" Control Touch Panel is mounted on the front wall adjacent to the video wall with mirroring Control Programs running on all operator workstations. The  (4) Crestron AirMedia(s) allow for up to (4) workstatation operators the ability to share their PC on the Video Wall over the Network at any given time.

An Avocent KVM switch provides the ability for any of the (24) operators to control any of the (3) rack-mounted PCs.  Each of the rack-mounted PCs have (4) video signals that fedd a Crestron DVPHD-4 processor. The DVPHD-4 enables a "quad layout" video stream to be sent over the Network to any of operators' local monitors.  This function gives the operator to ability to work in any of the (4) PC windows of their choice.

By using the Planar Quad Controllers, the end-user is not reliant on a PC Based video processor to display video giving them a more stable and simpler solution.


Bill of Material

  • (12) Planar 55" Clarity Displays
  • (3) Planar Quad Controllers
  • (2) Planar Rack Mounted Power Supplies with Redundant Power
  • (1) Crestron DigitalMedia 32x32 Switch with Redundant Power
  • (3) Crestron DVPHD-4 Processors
  • (1) Crestron AV3 Processor
  • (1) Crestron TSW-1050 Touchpanel
  • (4) Crestron AirMedias
  • (1) Avocent Network KVM
  • (3) Juice Goose Power and Surge Protection
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