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Portfolio Overview

Technology is constantly evolving, as is the diversity of environments we support. Communication solutions for houses of worship, educational markets, Command Centers, corporate, and government sectors are all environments that have broad and diverse needs. Houses of Worship are greatly enhanced through high definition video and broadcast equipment, digitally controlled sound and lighting. Educational solutions are unique because both the instructor and the target audience’s needs must be addressed. AVG understands the specific needs and designs custom solutions to fit each environment. 

Implementing a Command Center is centered upon reliability- the system must work in the most critical times. Typical environments include Emergency Operation Centers, Traffic Control/Management, Call Centers, and Command/Control Centers in the corporate, local government, and department of defense sectors. The government sector varies greatly in system requirements but requires stable and sound designs due to vigorous demands. Our system design staff can assist clients when preparing budgets and writing grants for critical communication equipment. Common applications include courtrooms, council chambers, hearing rooms, command and control centers, emergency management centers, and training/briefing rooms. The corporate environment has a variety of needs, but the typical desire is quite simple — to improve efficiency and profitability.

Whatever the environment, our design staff will help you reach your goals. Reach out today and let us assist you in grasping and utilizing this technological age for your communication needs.

Advanced Video Group, Inc is a BBB Accredited AudioVisual Consultant in Columbia, SC