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Case Study: Higher Education Culinary Instructional Classrooms

Simplicity in Design, Integration, and Support


"For many years, Advanced Video Group has had the privilege of working with Greenville Technical College (SC) to provide AV solutions. Chip Banke has always been a pleasure to work with so having the opportunity to manage this project at the Center for Culinary and Hospitality Innovation was something I was very excited to be a part of. This facility had 6 different spaces onsite that we would be working in so it was going to take a team effort to get this completed on our timeline. Our Integration team started this project on June 8th, 2020, and was completed by June 24th, 2020. I am so proud of each team member who had a hand in this and I could not be happier with how this project turned out for Greenville Tech."  - Jeffery Glenn, AVG Project Manager

Shelby Dove, AVG Marketing Specialist, and Jeffery were able to meet up with Chip to see the facility in action, along with asking him a few questions regarding the project and working with Advanced Video Group. The facility was set up with ease of use in mind - in terms of video production for the cooking classes, but also to create video content that is streamed for a local news station. Along with this, Advanced Video also set up several classrooms with different AV solutions to fully optimize them for conferencing and streaming.

Shelby: "How did you hear about Advanced Video Group?"

Chip: "I've worked with Advanced Video for 19 years. I heard about them because when I first came to work here they were at the tail end of an existing project in which Advanced Video Group was already contracted. So, I started working with Advanced Video and as things progressed, we developed a good working relationship. 

Shelby: "What solution were you looking for when you reached out to us about this specific project?"

Chip: "One that worked and was intuitive. The solution we were looking for was a unique spin-off on a standard classroom or presentation environment in a culinary environment. So, we had some unique circumstances and requirements that needed to be addressed. It wasn't just a simple formulaic classroom. 

Because of those special circumstances, I was looking for a solution that worked and was intuitive for the user but also a company that was going to work with me and accommodate the unique circumstances and be flexible as we learned together how to put it in and operate it".      

S: "What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?"

C: "Honestly it wasn't necessarily the solution as far as the equipment. It's really about project management, the intuitive and interactive design, and the interactive development of that design. It's really customer service related more than anything. It is absolutely the quality of the service, the quality of the components, but also the quality of the design.

When I order a solution or move into a project, it's not as simple as, "Give me the equipment. Let's go." It's always a two-way conversation that Advanced Video Group is very good at as a whole. It’s not only the sales folks, but they get the engineers involved to make sure they're not installing something that doesn't work, even though I've asked for it. 

S: "How would you describe the experience working with AVG?"

C: "I mean in one word; great. To expand on that because "great" is a single word descriptor, but it doesn't really sum anything up. So, as I said, the customer service from the sales to integration, to even the backend service technician is just very cohesive and excellent.

I get excellent sales input and excellent engineering design and excellent integrators. The team that comes on-site is always professional, courteous, and adjusting. They are very flexible. We've had circumstances where we've had to do things differently on-site whether it's by contract, general contractor rules, or scheduling rules. 

Ultimately, AVG is professional, courteous, very knowledgeable, and provides a great overall experience from top to bottom."

S: "And I guess the feature of our service that's most appealing is the customer service?"

C: "Oh, absolutely. It's like I said, these are just black boxes that you know, any knowledgeable company can put together with the right expertise. But, how do you do that with a customer and the customer feels great at the end? I think Advanced Video Group does that well. It's not just putting black boxes together. It's putting black boxes together so that the customer feels good at the end and not just about the end result, but about the process in between.'

S: "What was the thing where you were like, whoa, that was awesome that they did that. Or wow that was the moment like they worked so well with me."

C: "That's hard to say because I'm so accustomed to it. That's what they do, and I try not to take advantage of that. I try to mitigate the last minute changes and be responsible for my part.

I would say the integrity of communication is probably the single most important thing. They're not just placating me and doing what I ask. They're feeding back to me the better ideas that I have and they're doing it with integrity, courtesy and professionalism.

So the one thing I would say is the integrity of communication back and forth."

S: "How has our solution helped since implementation?"

C: " Oh, gosh. I'm trying to think about how to answer that because the way it's helped is these guys have had events and activities in ways that we haven't been able to have before. So they teach cooking classes, but they haven't had overhead cameras, they haven't had the functionality of streaming and doing things virtually as they have been lately. They haven't had the luxury of working with the TV channel as they have lately. 

They used to go on-site to the TV channel but now they do their recordings here. So, they've changed some of the methodologies and have gained freedom and time. They're not making do, or adjusting to the circumstances because the equipment has allowed them the freedom to move around and create more time for themselves. They're able to do it on-site or adjust quickly with the simplicity and ease of use of the system."

S: "Okay, now the easiest question. Would you recommend AVG to others?"

C: "Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt, yes."

S: "Is there anything else we should know? For other people to know?"

C: "I kind of said it all. Haha.

Simple questions require a simple answer, but I usually give more. Haha. The only thing I can say is to encourage somebody to at least discuss projects and give an opportunity to Advanced Video Group. That would be a wise choice because there's integrity there all throughout the company. 

And a willingness to serve, please, and do things right. It's not just all about the cost of a dollar. There are things that Advanced Video Group does that is greater than a dollar and because of that we always get a good solution in the end. We may miss one percent because of operational changes or whatever, but we always get a good solution in the end because it's not always about the dollar."



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