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Christie CounterAct with Care222 Technology

Add a layer of defense for your guest

As mentioned by Christie CounterAct on their website, "The entertainment industry faces extraordinary challenges as a result of the global pandemic, including closed venues and steep revenue declines. Audiences want to return, but the presence of pathogens is a major concern.  Manual cleaning requires professional cleaners and the repeated use of harsh chemicals, which can only be performed when spaces are empty, its effects are temporary, and can’t continuously reduce pathogens. CounterAct products with patented Care222 technology can be operated continuously even when people are around (in accordance with specified parameters), either alone or in-between manual cleanings. CounterAct products contain patented Care222 lamps that emit filtered far-UVC light that has been shown in the lab to inactivate more than 99.7% of pathogens on surfaces like the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19) and may be used in occupied spaces."

CounterAct commercial UV disinfection fixtures contain Ushio Inc.’s patented Care222 lamps that emit far-UVC 222nm light that’s shown to significantly reduce surface pathogens in occupied and unoccupied indoor spaces. It’s the only far-UVC germicidal technology that may also be used around people, and the only one with a proprietary filter that prevents longer UVC wavelengths from being emitted. 


The top three reasons you should choose Chrisite CounterAct are that it can be used while people are present, it's effective and it is an added layer of defense. Contact an AVG Sales Representative for more information!

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