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Command Control Room Leverages IP Video

Network Platforms Allow for Global Communication

​Shelby, NC - ​When it comes to command control rooms, decisions must be made quickly, efficiently, and with accuracy.  Information is required to be provided almost instantly and at a user's fingertips to make these critical decisions.  Video and data many times are needed from remote locations, cameras, and various other IP enabled devices.  Through the use of a Video over IP platform, standards based streaming sources can be shown instantaneously.  Those sources can be within the room, within the building complex, within the state, or half way around the world.  Video can also be sent out of the room to locations anywhere on a network for true collaboration.  The power of network based solutions make these platforms highly flexible and scalable.  The key to reliability relies on several key factors:  1.  Quality Design,  2.  Stable Networks, and 3.  Quality Products.

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Bill of Material

  • ​​Planar Clarity Video Wall, LX46HDS
  • Planar VCS Processor
  • (5) NEC Commercial V-Series Displays, V552
  • (5) NOVA Solutions Consoles with Motorized Monitor Lifts
  • (13) AMX SVSi Encoders
  • (8) AMX SVSi Decoders
  • AMX N-Series Controller
  • AMX Video Recorder
  • Crestron PRO3 Control System Processor
  • (5) ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Arrays
  • (1) Crestron AMP-2210T Audio Amplifier
  • (6) Crestron SAROS In-Ceiling Speaker
  • (6) Crestron AirMedias
  • (3) Panasonic HE-40HKPJ Camera
  • Polycom Group 500 Video Conferencing System
  • Biamp TesiraFORTE Audio Server
  • TouchSystems 32" Display
  • Cisco Managed Switch
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