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Huddle Room Conferencing Easy and Affordable

Yamaha CS-700 Paves the Way

Columbia, SC - Let's face it, the stigma of hard-to-use and expensive video and audio conferencing products has been replaced with the rise of the soft conferencing devices and inexpensive platforms from Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, etc.  It seems that all that is really required is a USB based camera and microphone and you're all set.  While the platform, affordability, and easy-to-use experience is provided by these software behemoths, they lack in providing professional video and audio devices.  Poor quality video and audio can be painful for the others on the call and can even force some to tune out altogether.  That is where a professional AV firm (like AVG!) can step in to assist in specifying the correct equipment to deliver professional results.

In this particular product showcase, we wanted to focus in Yamaha's (once Revolabs) Video Sound Collaboration Systems, CS-700.  To the average user, it looks like a sleek soundbar and blends in well to a commercial or even home office environment.  What really stands out is that fact that this product delivers all needed functionality in a single box - eliminating extra boxes, cables, user confusion, and failure points.  Let's break down what it really offers to the user:

- USB Video and Audio Support to a laptop or computer

-  Beamforming Microphone Array designed to track the active speaker

-  (4) Speaker elements for clear audio

-  Ultra-wide angle Camera (120 degree field of view) with very little noticeable distortion or "fish eye" effect

-  Remote Management Support (it is a network device)

-  Integrated SIP Interface for Call Manager integration

-  Dual HDMI screen share capability

Yamaha has decided to offer the product in (4) options depending upon which of the above functions each client requires, making it a la carte.  Whether you need only one unit for your organization or multiple systems across many offices, the product can be scaled and deployed in a fast and timely manner simplifying installation costs and employee adoption.  This is designed for the smaller conference and huddle spaces and if that sounds like your space, we think this product is a home run.  Reach out to our sales and design team today!

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