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Modernize Your Workplace with Digital Signage

Room Scheduling Displays Enhancing Communication

It seems that in most workspaces, the ability to efficiently manage shared meeting spaces is an ongoing challenge.  Woudn't it be nice if there was a published calendar outside of every room that tied into your staff's Exchange, Google, EMS, Delph, or R25 calendar?  The short answer is YES, these products exist and they are more affordable than you may thing.  Installation and deployment of these systems are quick and easy, too.  The displays can also be used for sharing company messages and all managed from you predetermined administrator(s) over the Network.  This allows for content and meetings to be scheduled/changed in real time and publicly visible to all employees.  We have highlighted a few of the products out there that are delivering rich content to folks today-

Visix MeetingMinder

Visix E-Paper Signs

Crestron 7" Room Scheduling Touch Screen

Extron Room Scheduling

Evoko Room Manager

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