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Rock Hill School District 3

EOC Command Center

During the weeks of October 25th and November 2nd, Advanced Video Group (AVG) was contracted to help install and assist the Safety & Security Department for Rock Hill School District 3 to install a new central Command Center. The Safety & Security Department’s purpose “is to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff, district property, and other key stakeholders that are part of the school district.”


AVG outfitted the Command Center with several monitors, control touch panels, and connections in order to help the operations of the Department run as smoothly as possible. After speaking with James Brown Jr., who is the newly elected Director of Safety and Security, he said that the installations would help to streamline the Departments’ ability to better track the District’s safety in terms of bus pickup and routes, inclement weather, or on-campus threats. 


Rock Hill School District wanted a system that gave the option to send multiple sources to any display in the building. Multiple cable boxes were used to access The Weather Channel and 4 News networks. Other sources to display came from a PC with more than half a dozen outputs. In addition, there was also a laptop connection in the rack room so the district had the option to send the content of up to 14 different sources (1 encoder for a laptop, 5 encoders for cable box, 8 encoders for PC, and options to further expand). With this flexibility, the content could be sent to the video wall area, rack room area, Director’s Office, Conference Room, or Control Room Area. There were also presets on the video wall that allowed content to be shown on one display, or even make it larger and send that content to be split over 4 displays.

 All of this allowed Rock Hill School District 3 to have multiple options in an Emergency Operations Format in order to manage a wide array of situations, while also allowing the end-user multiple options for presenting and monitoring off of a PC or laptop. All of this is done using Crestron NVX gear which is IP based video/audio and allows the equipment to tie directly into their local network.

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