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Trending Wireless AV Presentation Devices

What's the Best Solution for Me?

Wireless.  It seems that in every room solution we design, this single word finds its way into every application.  Some clients wish for this function, others find it to be a nice option, and the rest find it critical.  Unfortunately, providing a single solution/product answer is not that simple.  The single devices that does it all doesn't exist as we live in a thriving technically rich world.  We're not even going to begin on the PC vs Mac OS compatibility debate.  Air Play....sheesh!

Besides the surface level reason of being able to present anywhere in a room, wireless provides other value add features.  Mobile devices (iPads, Tablets, Laptops, etc.) all seem to have different connectors (Thunderbolt, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, USB C, etc.) with no end in sight.  For a client to be prepared with every type of adapter cable AND keeping up with them will test your sanity.  The wireless products address the Bring Your Own Device "BYOD" market by allowing these mobile devices to communicate without the tethered cable.  

Money.  It's the underlying factor that must be accounted for in all designs.  Want to save cost?  Provide functionality for 10+ users in the room to present at anytime without the purchase of a large matrix switch?  The Wireless Presentation Devices can add REAL value to designs.  Here is a list of products we have tested, stand behind, and recommend in no particular order.

Extron eLink 100 - Reliable, Professional Grade Wireless extension of HDMI Video and Multi-channel audio signals up to 100ft.  Capable of Trnasmitting through multiple walls and furniture.  Supports computer video up to 1920x1080 including HDTV 1080p/60.  The most important feature- no network configuration and software downloads - PLUG AND PLAY!

Crestron AirMediaPowerful, Professional device aimed at accomodating the iOS, Android, and PC world (with some limitations).  There is a nice Quad View Collaboration mode that allows 32 users able to connect at the same time with the ability of showing 4 presentations at the same time.  Presentations can also be viewed from a browser if extended sharing capabilities are needed.  This device does require a Network to be configured as well as software to be downloaded.

Barco ClickShareWireless made easy.  No installation required, just connect your device and go.  Trouble-free presenting, no hassle, no messy cables, just quick, confident sharing.  There are also three options to choose from based upon the users need.  Can be placed on the network or no network at all.

Apple TV - This product needs no introduction, especially for the Apple junkies.  Often viewed as a consumer product, many users in the huddle, conference, training, and classrooms are using the with regularity.  The only true way to share from an iOS device with no unforseen hiccups.  Affordable, as it comes in at the least expensive option on our list.  Network configuration is required.

If a product demonstration is required, or if you simply wish to find out more information, we encourage to reach out to our knowledgeable sales and design team.  If you're lucky, they may even invite you to the office for a demonstration!

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