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Upstate Conference Room

Welcome to our latest exhibition space

Located in our office in Irmo, South Carolina, our design and engineering team has designed and created a multi-functional experience room to assist the majority of our clients, suppliers, and vendors. We partnered with some of the best-in-class manufacturers in the industry to build a space that can showcase state-of-the-art technology in many of the commonly configured office environments – training rooms, conference rooms, and classrooms.

Like many of our clients, real estate is at a premium and space is limited. Having a space that can be set up for staff meetings, product training, and executive conferences used to require three separate rooms. With the use of modular furniture and technology that can adapt to the room/furniture setup, we have successfully created and implemented a “three-in-one” multi-functional space. Using a Crestron control system we can set up the unique space with the push of a button in less than a minute!

Using a Sony Laser Projector and an ambient light rejecting (ALR) projection screen, we can produce a large HD image visible in any lighting scenario for all participants in the room. If you haven’t been introduced to ALR screen technology, it’s a must-see…. Users can connect via a wired connection to a Crestron presentation system or wireless through the operation of the Barco Clickshare system.
Ceiling microphones from Biamp use a proprietary “beam tracking” technology that allows participants to be recognized for audio and video conferencing calls at any location in the room. The days of extending cables and placing wireless microphones around the room are no more! We showcase digital beam tracking microphones' quality by having the existing analog “choir” style microphones still installed and functional. This allows us to demonstrate to clients the quality difference between legacy technology and the state-of-the-art microphones of today.











COVID-19 has rocked the video conferencing world like no other event in history. Zoom, Teams, and WebEx calls are commonplace in virtually all organizations today. In this unique space, we have installed (2) Vaddio cameras – one in the front of the room for traditional conferencing applications; and one in the rear of the room for instructor shots for training and educational meetings. To make the room compatible with all technologies, a Vaddio EasyIP mixer provides a single USB connection to the host computer to join a web-based video call on any platform.


Here we have a comprehensive list of all products used in this demo room.

Sony VPL-PHZ12 Laser Projector

Screen Innovations 120” Black Diamond ALR Projection Screen

Chief RPAU Ceiling Projector Mount

(1) Biamp TesiraFORTÉ AVB VT4 DSP

(1) Biamp TesiraCONNECT TC-5 AVB Switch

(2) Biamp Parlé TCM-XA Ceiling Microphone

(2) Biamp Parlé TCM-XEX Ceiling Microphone

(6) Biamp Desono C-IC6 Ceiling Speakers

(2) Biamp Desono DS8 Wall Speakers

(1) Biamp REVAMP2120T 2X120W Amplifier

Vaddio EasyIP Mixer

(2) Vaddio EasyIP 10 HD Cameras

Crestron HD-MD-400-C-E-KIT

Crestron RMC3 Processor

Crestron CLW-DIMSWEX-P Wireless Lighting Dimmer

Crestron Shades

Luxul AMS-1208P Network Switch

Apple iPad

The safety protocols that other organizations and ourselves have implemented have limited travel for our teams and manufacturers. We cannot come onsite to many of our client locations and demonstrate the latest technologies and solutions. Through the application of this space, we can now effectively exhibit many of these technologies - bringing both the manufacturer and end-user into a virtual meeting room while showcasing the technology.

Reach out to us to experience this remarkable space and learn more about how these technologies may benefit your organization!

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